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Solar Panels

Reconditioned Batteries providing a low cost energy storage PV expansion


A new life to your existing forklift                                                                                                                                                                                              battery solution


Life Extension at Low Capex through reconditioned Batteries

Think Green Will Keep Your Battery For Granted

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Secret Formulation

BSI battery additive is extremely sticky and forms a coating/protective layer around the battery plates which prevents accumulation of crystals around the battery plates.

Comprehensive Renewal

Our confidence in the solution enables us to offer performance warranties on all reconditioned batteries across the full range of Lead acid products inclusive of alternative and newer lead technologies

Organic Additive

Strictly closed cycle environmentally friendly process. During the battery reconditioning process the biodegradable material active agent has undergone rigorous inspection/testing and has been safety certified.

The Result

BSI Battery Additive has a long term effect which provides for optimal performance and battery life extension to up to 100% for end of life batteries. The better the battery is maintained the more significant the effect of the additive will be.

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